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How Sisters in Charge Fits The Bill

/How Sisters in Charge Fits The Bill

How Sisters in Charge Fits The Bill

Sisters in Charge fits the bill 1

Sisters in Charge fits the bill

According to the trade association American Society of Estate Liquidators, there could be 14,000 estate sale companies nationwide and the market is expanding.

While many new companies continue to jump on the expanding bandwagon, it is important to know what to look for in a good estate liquidator. Here are four things that a good estate liquidator, like Sisters in Charge, provides:

Reputation and Online Presence:
In thus day and age, information is but a computer click away – including information about estate sale companies. An estate sale website should be modern and updated, walk you through everything they provide for you and even give out some extra information about their company and how they conduct a sale.

Communication Skills:
Effective communication can help to foster a good working relationship, and is the basis for any successful business but a company who is responsive is vital for running a successful process. You want a company that will promptly respond to your inquiry – from setting up an initial consultation and ending when they send you a check.

Organized Sales with a Large Following:
The best way to learn about how an estate company operates is to go to one of their sales. If people are waiting to enter the sale, it’s a great sign.The company has a loyal following and can bring enough people to a sale to sell-out your home. Check out how organized the sale is and if everything has a price on it.

Finally, Experience:
Experienced estate liquidators know how to handle everything to run a successful sale from organizing and accurately pricing every item in the home to removing anything that did not sell. They should put your mind at ease and make you feel confident they will get rid of everything in your home at a fair price.

Relocators’ founder Robert Esposito’s mother, Denise, began her estate sale company, Sisters in Charge, before it became an industry trend.
When Denise had to empty her mother’s home in Queens, she couldn’t believe how few options there were for families that needed to downsize. She decided to start Sisters in Charge, which has been chosen #1 in New York for five years in a row and has a large and devoted client base.

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