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Outpacing the Competition

/Outpacing the Competition

Outpacing the Competition

Relocators Distinct Services


Outpacing the Competition: How Relocators Distinct Services and Commitment to Creating a Quality Experience Enable Consistent Growth
As the estate sale industry continues to become more crowded—especially in Relocators’ home state of New York—the brand is differentiating itself by offering top tier services that aren’t offered by competing brands.

When people contact Relocators, it’s often during the most stressful time in their lives. Whether it’s due to death, divorce or downsizing, consumers find themselves in need of estate sale services at a time when they aren’t able to fully concentrate on anything else. That’s why Relocators has made customer service a top priority.

Helping people through the estate sale process is no easy feat. In addition to the coordination and work that goes into the technical side of getting the job done, there’s also a more personal component that requires making customers feel comfortable with the workers around them as they prepare to part with a home or beloved item. Robert Esposito, founder and president of Relocators, recognized this, and established the brand to stand out from the crowd in the estate sale business. That key point of differentiation has enabled the brand to continue to grow even as the estate sale industry has become more competitive—especially in New York, there are more and more companies offering estate sale services for lower prices. But because Relocators focuses on the entire estate sale experience from beginning to end, the brand is continuing to thrive.

“It’s no secret that there’s a lot of competition in the industry right now, especially here in New York. But even with more brands starting to throw their hats in the ring, we’re experiencing consistent growth,” said Esposito. “Our service doesn’t stop with the end of our estate sale event—we truly aim to take the stress and difficult, emotional aspect of the experience out of our customers’ hands. By being successful with that mission, we’re changing how Americans view transitioning out of their homes.”

Even as the competition in the industry heats up, Relocators isn’t changing its model or slashing the prices that it asks on items that are sold during estate sales. Instead, the brand is focusing on what makes it so unique. Beyond its focus on customer service and humanizing the estate sale experience, Relocators also offers three other services that are designed to handle consumers’ moving related needs. The brand also brings its quality moving, clean out and storage services to the table, which are all things that the competition is lacking.

With both of those competitive advantages on its side, it’s no surprise that Relocators is continuing to experience success in an increasingly crowded market. The brand is even in the process of bringing its first franchisee onboard to continue expanding across New York. And because it’s backed by a simple and proven business model in addition to an affordable initial investment that ranges from $127,488 – $199,220, Relocators is anticipating more franchisees entering its system in 2018 and beyond.

“It’s an exciting time to be a part of the Relocators brand. Demand for our services is climbing, and we’re in a great place to capitalize on the potential that the estate sale industry is providing right now,” Esposito said. “We’re eager to get our first franchise up and running—we know that it’ll lead to even more growth down the road.”

To learn more about becoming a Relocators franchisee, please visit https://relocatorsfranchise.com/.

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