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Relocators Begins Move to go National

/Relocators Begins Move to go National

Relocators Begins Move to go National

Relocators begins move to go national

“Great men are not born great, they grow great…”

~ Mario Puzo

Relocators is on the cusp of greatness. Just ask Ray Conroy, who calls the franchise a fine-tuned instrument.

“Every kink is worked out,” said Conroy who opens Relocators’ first franchise Dec. 1 in Long Beach, NY. “The business model is in place.

It’s foolproof.”

Conroy and new general manager Edwin Ramos, along with owner Robert Esposito, form a well-honed team that will drive Relocators

onto a national stage. Their goal is to provide other entrepreneurs with the tools they need to help their communities by offering a

service that streamlines the extremely stressful situation of estate moving.

Ramos not only has the business acumen to help in creating new leaders, he also has experienced the horror of having two home closings

in one day – one on the house he sold and the other on the new house he purchased. Relocators came to the rescue.

“They took all that stress away from me,” said Ramos who sees his role as mentor to new franchisees.

He also sees the value in the Relocators’ business model, which he predicts will grow at a rapid pace no matter what the country’s

economic forecast holds. “We can do well in hard economic times and good economic times,” he said.

Word of mouth will generate lifelong friends as well as new business.

Conroy loved the Relocators’ multi-dimensional plan from the beginning. “Robert has honed his craft down to a science,” he said.

“A month ago I had no idea of the number of people moving who need estate services.”

He said operating his Long Beach franchise will amount to management and logistics. The guesswork has been taken out of the

equation for the franchise based on both trust and an unshakeable family foundation.

When asked where he sees himself in the future, Conroy opines it will be on a yacht overseeing a fleet of Relocator’s trucks.

Relocators can help make your dreams come true. We have immediate needs in Brooklyn and Westchester where potential customer’s

are clamoring for our services.

Give us a call. We’d love to have you join our family.

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