What is Relocators?

Relocators offers the very best moving, storage, estate sale and clean-out services. Our services complement one another and offer our customers a unique and compelling end-to-end solution in a fragmented marketplace.

One Business, Four Great Revenue Streams!

Relocators is an ideal franchise opportunity thanks in part to its multiple revenue streams. Franchisees enjoy income from our moving, storage, estate sale and clean-out services, which together ensure a bustling business and steady cash flow.

Four Great Revenue Streams

Our Estate Sale department “Sisters in Charge” has been chosen #1 in New York for five years in a row and has a large and devoted client base. This helps to fuel our other Relocators services. Clients who have had a great first-hand experience with Sisters in Charge, or who’ve heard good things about them will often call Relocators to take advantage of our other offerings.

Relocators is a full service moving company that includes packing, organizing, wrapping, moving, and storing our clients’ most precious belongings. This service is an important contributor to the bottom line and is a great value-add for clients interested in our other services.

A large percentage of estate sales clients will also need a clean-out service in order to have their home “closing ready.” Many moving jobs will also need some form of junk removal, even if they do not require a full clean-out. Offering Cleanouts gives Relocators a competitive edge and the opportunity to add more value to clients and generate more revenue from an estate sale or move.

The storage warehouse is a unique offering that smaller estate sale and moving companies can’t compete with. It’s an attractive solution for clients that are moving and have unforeseen changes in their moving plan, and for out-of-state estate sale clients who want to ensure that their wanted items will be stored safely until shipment can be coordinated. Storage also offers a great recurring revenue stream to offset parking and other operating costs.

Our Story

Relocators founder Robert Esposito got his start working at his mother’s estate sale company, Sisters in Charge in 2008. In the early 2000’s Roberts mother Denise was tasked with emptying her mothers home in Queens NY. Denise was shocked that their were very few options around for families that had to downsize sick or elderly family members. Denise decided to start Sisters in Charge and assist families with Estate and Tag Sale needs.


By 2007 Robert had become an intricate part of the Estate Sale business. He was tasked with cleaning out the homes and having them ready for new families. Robert also became the “go-to mover” by Directors of Assisted Living facilities in the area. The recent grad and aspiring entrepreneur seized the opportunity and in 2008 he bought his first box truck naming the company Relocators Service, Inc. Soon, Relocators was actively serving clients in Long Island with not just post-sale clean outs, but also staging for estate sales and assisting clients who needed temporary storage. In 2012, the growing company added full-service moving to become a comprehensive solution for stressed out couples, divorced adults, families and children of aging and recently departed parents.


In the summer of 2016, the Relocators franchise system was launched, with the mission to offer a caring and comprehensive alternative to the fragmented estate sale, moving, and clean out industries. By utilizing four individual services under one business Relocators Franchise system creates a very successful business model for its franchisees. As well as allowing them to be a pillar for families throughout their community.


Relocators franchisees across the country are setting out to help make sure that the difficult life events of death, divorce and moving are as smooth, controlled and hassle free as possible – at least where transitioning personal belongings are concerned.


Relocators- Moving You Through Life’s Transitions

Why Relocators is a Compelling Opportunity

Four Revenue Streams
The Relocators difference, and the reasons that it’s a smart choice for a franchise are our four revenue streams based on four services that are all working together for the greater good. These services are typically offered by separate companies, requiring a lot of legwork and coordination that add stress to an already stressful situation. Relocators takes that stress away and becomes a savior to the individuals and families that use us and to the community that we service.
Large Territories
Our goal is to cultivate a large foundation that will be everlasting in your community. Relocators’ first priority is to ensure that each of our members is successful enough to expand within their community. Become a part of this state-of-the-art concept now, while prime territories are still available.
Manageable Investment
We allow our franchisees to start small and build upon their equipment as they grow. In the early stages we work with you to keep overhead as low as possible. As the customer base grows, we lay out steps for the company to grow with it.
Long Term Revenue
Families in your community will become lifelong customers, spanning multiple generations. The uniqueness of our all-in-one service model allows for a wide variety of age demographics to require our services at any given time. Once one family member experiences the Relocators difference, we are almost guaranteed to become a company of choice for all members of that family.

Investment Model

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