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It’s in the bag: Tips for packing your clothes for a move

/It’s in the bag: Tips for packing your clothes for a move

It’s in the bag: Tips for packing your clothes for a move


Clothing is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the prospect of a big move. But those jeans and t-shirts have to get to their new destination somehow, and just as you have to plan every other detail, you have to take some time for your clothes. Here are a few tips: 

• Experts agree this is a great time to go through your wardrobe to make sure items are clean
  and stain-free. Do not pack stained or damaged seasonal clothing without cleaning or
  repairing them. It’s also a good time to weed out those items you no longer wear or no longer
  can fit into, are torn or outdated. Donate gently used clothing to your favorite charity.
  Discarding items now gives you less to pack in the long run.

• Off-season clothing can be packed way in advance of your move. Make sure to label them as
  such so there’s no rush to unpack them at your new location. 

• Make sure to pack a box or suitcase for each family member with a week’s worth of clothes
  to get you through the first week in your new home. Socks, underwear ad PJs are a top
  priority. Make sure to also pack all the toiletries you’ll need in a separate container. 

• Speaking of suitcases, it’s a great place to pack clothing or your shoes. 

• Once you’ve cleaned out the closets, so to speak, it’s time to decide how you will pack your
  clothing based on how far of a move you have before you. If your new home is far away,
  clothes need to be sealed and protected. Wardrobe boxes are a great choice. If you’re moving
  a short distance, zip tie your hangers together in groups of five to 15 and pile them on the
  back car seat. 

• Another great tip is to keep clothes in the drawers where they now reside and see the
  drawers shut. They dressers will, of corse, be heavier, but it should be no problem if you’ve
  hired a professional moving company like Relocators.

  • Clothing is heavy, so make sure to use smaller boxes to protect your back. 

Remember, taking the time to pack your clothes well before the move will save you time when you unpack. Happy packing!

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