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Our Story

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Our Story

The roots of Relocators can be traced back to the Great Depression, and owner Robert Esposito’s grandmother’s business of owning and renting apartments in Corona, a borough of Queens in New York City.

In later years when Esposito’s grandmother got ill, his mother moved her into the family home, then liquidated the home in Elmhurst. Countless weekends were spent renting dumpsters and enlisting the help of old friends to unload grandma’s home.

Esposito’s mother began thinking that there must be a better and easier way to get the job done. So around 2002, she put an ad in the local paper that read: “Feeling overwhelmed? Old stuff out brings the money in.” She quickly grew a following with her company, Sisters in Charge, and in a short time was hosting two estate / tag sales every weekend. A business was born.

By 2006, Esposito started to realize that his mother’s company – as well as the industry as a whole – was fragmented, and that if he could figure out a better way to operate there’d be no stopping him. In 2008, Esposito bought his first box truck and incorporated Relocators.

“I loved relieving people of a huge stress,” Esposito said. “I loved helping families during a difficult time, and I loved the idea that I could build this into something that no one else has – a business that will clean out your home, help you move, hold estates sales to get rid of the things you no longer need or find storage for the things you do.”

With the launch of the Relocators moving franchise in 2016, the company seeks to help franchisees earn a profitable income by helping their local communities with much-needed moving and storage, and assisting people as they move through the various transitions in their lives.


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