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How will I make money?

The Relocators difference and the reason that it’s a smart franchise choice are our four revenue streams:  

  • Moving
  • Clean-outs
  • Estate Sales
  • Storage

Relocators does it all. Services can be offered individually or can be combined. It’s a one-stop moving service that eases the stress for the individuals and families we serve.

How much revenue can I expect?

That information will be shared in our Franchise Disclosure Document. Upon review, Relocators Gross Revenue exceeds $1 million. Our franchise development coordinator will share a blank pro-forma and assist you in evaluating the potential in your market.

How big will my service area be?

Relocators’ first priority is to ensure that each of our owner partners are successful enough to expand within their own community with prime territories of 700,000 to 1.3 million people.

What kind of training should I expect?

Relocators offers a complete turn-key operation. During your initial training, you will learn how to operate a successful and profitable business all while helping clients during their time of transition. Our initial training program provides you with:

  • The training necessary to effectively bid projects and offer clients a streamlined solution that adds value to your profits by educating clients of services they may not know they need.
  • The skills to hire quality workers who will be responsible for the project, as well as understanding the emotions involved in such an intimate business.
  • An understanding of your target market and the different companies with whom you will want to develop relationships.
  • All of the tools necessary to market your business and develop relationships that allow you to farm long-lasting referrals in the future.
  • The expertise to manage and organize your business through computers, accounting software, budgeting, and time management techniques.

Our strategy is effective and powerful. When used properly, it will help build your business into a household name among friends, neighbors, estate attorneys, senior care professionals, and homeowners in your market.

Our business model allows for each of our services to compliment each other in a way few other businesses can claim. Relocators provides streamlined solutions to ease the stress of moving.

What type of ongoing support can I expect?

Our operational support team will help you grow as an owner — answering questions, assisting in identifying new opportunities, and sharing best practices from across the system.

You will also have access to our robust intranet, webinars, regional meetings, national conferences and strategic planning.

Can I work from home?

Sorry, the answer to this one is no. You must be involved in the daily operations of your business, managing a foreman, office manager and a team of packers and movers. We want you to be successful, and this is the best way to ensure that.

In the future, you may be able to step away from the daily operations, but for the first few years and until you realize the profits a Relocators franchise affords, you will need to captain the ship.


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