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High Customer Satisfaction Ratings Fuel Relocators’ Growth

/High Customer Satisfaction Ratings Fuel Relocators’ Growth

High Customer Satisfaction Ratings Fuel Relocators’ Growth

The emerging franchise has a long list of customers who rave about the brand’s unbeatable moving services.


Moving has the potential to be one of the most stressful experiences in a person’s life. Between packing up valuables and storing your belongings to cleaning out your old home and getting rid of unwanted items, there’s a seemingly endless list of things that can go wrong during a move. But with Relocators, a full-service moving brand based in Syosset, New York, that risk is eliminated.

The emerging franchise was founded with a mission to take the stress out of moving. It does this by offering four key services: moving, clean-outs, estate sales and storage. Those services then come together to offer every one of Relocators’ customers a complete experience that can’t be found anywhere else.

Customers consistently rave about how easy it is to move with Relocators, including Jacqui Garland. Garland is no stranger to the brand—being a realtor and home stager, she frequently relies on Relocators’ team to get her belongings from point A to point B. As a real estate professional, Garland has used all of the brand’s services. She calls on them to both move and store her home staging pieces, as well as organize estate sales and clean-out homes that are no longer on the market. But her experience with Relocators doesn’t end there—Garland also hires them whenever her family moves to a new home. Within the past two years alone, she’s used the brand’s services six times.

“I couldn’t have better things to say about all of my experiences with Relocators. They’re extremely reliable and kind, and their prices are incredibly fair. I also have a lot of difficult objects to move, like artwork and antiques. But nothing has ever been broken or damaged,” said Garland. “Even thinking about moving can be completely overwhelming. Just knowing that I have the Relocators team as a resource makes me feel at ease. I even look forward to when I get to use them again, which isn’t something you normally say about movers.”

Because of her positive experiences with the brand, Garland makes an active effort to refer to Relocators to her friends, colleagues and clients. And she says that every one of those experiences has been just as successful as her own.

“Normally, I shy away from recommending other services to my clients. If something goes wrong, you don’t want to be held accountable for it. But I’ve never had any reservations about recommending Relocators. Everyone that’s hired them through me has been happy with their service,” said Garland.

Now that Relocators is launching its franchise opportunity, more consumers across the country will be able to experience the brand’s moving services for themselves. Relocators is currently looking to open its doors for business in both Brooklyn and Staten Island, with more locations expected to open down the line. The brand offers a unique opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs—with an affordable initial investment that ranges between $127,488 and $199,220 and strong brand name recognition, Relocators’ first franchisees will be able to get in on the ground level of a growing brand.

“Customers like Jacqui are the reason we’re in this business in the first place—we want to make moving easy and take away the headaches that often come along with it. We’re excited to help more people as we start to expand,” said Robert Esposito, president of Relocators. “We’re the only ones in the industry that can truly say we’re full service. That’s why I’m confident that when local owners join our system, they’ll be able to hit the ground running.”

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