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How Providing Multiple Services Enables Relocators to Extend the Busiest Moving Season of the Year Far Beyond Summer

/How Providing Multiple Services Enables Relocators to Extend the Busiest Moving Season of the Year Far Beyond Summer

How Providing Multiple Services Enables Relocators to Extend the Busiest Moving Season of the Year Far Beyond Summer

While traditional moving companies are seeing their business begin to wind down for the year, Relocators is preparing for the height of another one of its revenue streams.

As the summer starts winding down, there’s a shift happening that doesn’t involve the weather. Rather, the chaos of the year’s biggest moving season is also coming to a close.

It’s no secret that summer is the busiest moving season of the year. According to My Moving Review’s latest annual data report, the majority of moves are taking place between May and August every year, with the busiest moving day happening at the end of June. In fact, over 48 percent of the moves that took place in 2016 happened between those four months. For most moving companies, this trend means that they’re about to move into a slower season that doesn’t include as many jobs. But for Relocators, business is still ramping up.

The Syosett, New York-based franchise concept is far from your traditional moving company. Instead of limiting its services to local—or even interstate—moves, the brand offers its customers four distinct services: moving, clean-outs, estate sales and storage. That means that even though the height of moving season may be ending, there’s still plenty of work to be done.

“When it comes to our moving and relocating services, the busiest time of year for us is the summer. Between parents rushing to move into a new home before the school year starts and families looking to relocate in the nice weather, our teams are constantly out in the field helping customers get settled in their new homes during the summer months. And every year, we see demand for those services climb,” said Robert Esposito, founder and president of Relocators. “But moving is only a part of our business. That’s one of the biggest competitive advantages that we bring to the table for franchisees—by tapping into multiple revenue streams, we ensure that our locations are bringing in revenue year-round.”

As heightened demand for moving services wanes, Relocators begins to capitalize on the power of its other departments. Clean-out services, for example, are sought after as the summer fades into fall, especially on the East Coast where the brand is based. On the residential side of its business, consumers often turn to Relocators when they need help cleaning their homes after it experiences damage from a hurricane or severe summer storm. The commercial side of its business, on the other hand, sees demand increase through companies relying on Relocators to pack things up before the end of the year, as well as whenever they’re restoring or enhancing their space. That business then leads throughout all of fall and winter, when pipes start to break and people need help clearing out the damage.

It’s that ability to diversify its business model that makes Relocators an attractive opportunity to prospective franchisees. By offering those additional services, local owners are able to reach more customers than they would with another moving brand, ultimately allowing them to grow their business at a more rapid rate.

“Our model and approach to taking on the moving industry is completely unique. While one of our revenue streams is weak, there’s another one that’s strong to balance out the difference,” said Esposito. “We’ve proven this approach works, and now we’re excited to help franchisees tap into the power behind our system. As we grow through franchising going forward, we’re confident that our local owners will be able to extend their businesses far beyond what demand during the summer moving season has to offer.”

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