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Relocators Launches Franchise Opportunity by Targeting Brooklyn and Staten Island for Development

/Relocators Launches Franchise Opportunity by Targeting Brooklyn and Staten Island for Development

Relocators Launches Franchise Opportunity by Targeting Brooklyn and Staten Island for Development

Backed by its proven and unique business model, the full service moving company is expanding its reach across its home state of New York.


When Relocators first opened its doors for business in Syosset, New York, it completely revolutionized the moving industry. Instead of creating additional headaches in naturally high stress situations, the brand found a way to streamline the process while redefining the meaning of the phrase “full service moving.” As the word got out about Relocators’ services, demand among consumers spiked. That’s why the brand is now launching a top tier franchise system and expanding its reach across its home state.

Relocators is actively looking to open new locations in Brooklyn and Staten Island. The boroughs are ideal target development markets for the emerging franchise brand— with a strong reputation and heightened level of brand awareness across the region, Relocators is perfectly positioned to set its franchisees up for success.

“Entrepreneurs who sign on to open their own Relocators franchise have the chance to get in on the ground level of a rapidly growing brand. There’s a real opportunity here to develop and own an entire market that’s packed with potential customers,” said Robert Esposito, president of Relocators. “Our business model has already proven itself to be successful in New York. Now we’re excited to help our franchisees apply that model to their own businesses.”

Because Brooklyn and Staten Island are so close to Relocators’ headquarters, the franchisees operating there will have full access to the brand’s corporate support team. New owners won’t have to figure the business out by themselves—the Relocators team will be there guiding them through the process every step of the way.

That support starts with establishing the brand’s four key services: moving, storage, estate sales and clean-out services. By weaving those separate services together, Relocators streamlines the entire moving process. That’s beneficial to both consumers and franchisees—the brand’s customers experience a seamless transition, while franchisees gain access to four different revenue streams that boost their business’ bottom lines.

“Moving has the potential to be one of life’s most stressful experiences. But our customers don’t have to worry about taking on that stress themselves. With just one phone call, they can ensure that every step in their moving process will be taken care of by one of Relocators’ staff members,” said Esposito. “At the end of the day, we’re here to help both our customers and our franchisees. Everything we do is designed to move our brand forward.”

Relocators is looking for franchisees with a strong entrepreneurial drive and passion for business ownership. Not only will the local owners in Brooklyn and Staten Island have the opportunity to establish the brand in an untapped territory, they’ll also open up main offices that will serve as hubs for the Relocators brand going forward.

Franchisees can expect their initial investments to range from $127,488 to $199,220.

“We’re confident that once we start welcoming franchisees into our system, the Relocators brand will take off quickly. There’s a real need for our services among American consumers—we’re the only brand that sees every facet of the moving process through from beginning to end,” said Esposito. “New York is the perfect starting point for us, but it’s only the beginning. Our goal is to ultimately expand across the country and make Relocators a household name.”

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