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Nothing is Permanent

/Nothing is Permanent

Nothing is Permanent

Nothing is permanent

Let’s face it, only four things are worse than moving: death, divorce, illness and losing a job.

But why moving? In his book, “The Resilience Advantage,” organizational psychologist and writer Richard S. Citrin, explains: “We build routines to make things as efficient as we can. When we move, we do something very foreign to us.”

It doesn’t feel natural to hire a mover, or pack dishes or bedding. This stuff takes a lot out of us, leaving us feeling mentally and physically exhausted.

You’re never going to escape stress, but you can make it a little easier by doing the following:

Take care of you – If you are in good shape mentally and physically, you can better handle stressful situations. Look out for yourself by balancing work and home life, using relaxation techniques, having fun, eating healthy or close to it, exercising and not getting too tired out.

Simmer down – It is so easy to panic and get stressed out. Calm down by slowing down both your breathing and by thinking about how you overcame similar situations in the past.

Have a plan – Get a plan down in writing. Also make sure you have the plans of all others involved in the move in writing.

Ask for help – Relocators offers the very best moving, storage, estate sale and clean-out services you can find. Our services build upon one another, offering our customers a unique stress-free solution. We’re here to help.

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