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Relocators Offers a Shoulder to Cry on

/Relocators Offers a Shoulder to Cry on

Relocators Offers a Shoulder to Cry on

Paw In Hand

Relocators offers a shoulder to cry on


“Dogs are wise. They crawl into a quiet corner and lick their wounds and do not rejoin the world until they are whole once more.” ~Agatha Christie

In the process of moving, people sometimes find things they thought they’d lost forever, but there’s not always a happy ending.
It all began two months ago when we were hired to move Mark and Janice, a great couple in their mid-50s who were treating themselves to a new, smaller – yet nicer – Gold Coast, New York home now that the kids had gone off to college.
Mark and Janice originally didn’t want us to clean out their old home thinking the new homeowner was also buying their leftover stuff. Last week, they discovered that wasn’t the case and called us back to do a last-minute cleanout, which we got done with a days’ notice.
During the cleanout, our crew found a mummified dog in the garage crawl space, and learned from Mark that the couple had lost their dog nearly 20 years ago. There was no way of knowing if the remains were the same dog, but Mark and Janice cried at the thought. My guys were there to console them.
From the richest Gold Coast homes to the darkest clean outs, our team is there for out clients, and that’s the amazing part of this company. We deal with families and life on life’s terms.
I talk a lot about wanting to expand franchise operations in this area, but, unlike other businesses only in it for the money, I don’t want to grow too big. My decision to franchise is to keep the service in the communities, so local families can help local families.

If you’re interested in getting in on the ground floor to help others help themselves, please give me a call. As our motto states, ” We strive to provide the best possible experience,” for new beginnings and, sometimes, tearful endings.
Relocators – “Moving You Through Life’s Transitions.”

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