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Tips to calm moving stress

/Tips to calm moving stress

Tips to calm moving stress

Tips to calm moving stress 3

Tips to calm moving stress

Whether moving cross-country or across the street, the process of moving is stressful. If you take a few minutes and track all the times you’ve moved in your lifetime, it may overwhelm you.

For some, the stress comes on from the moment they make the decision to buy a house or pack that first box..

A recent article in Psychology Today, offers 10 simple ways to manage the stress of moving. They include:

  1. Start packing well in advance of your expected move, and be organized. Moving is like managing a big project in addition to your normal life. A smooth move is a happy move.
  2. Leave a sanctuary spot in your house that won’t be packed until the last minute. The familiarity and comfort of that spot will keep stress to a minimum.
  3. Don’t pack all your self-care activities. If you like to paint, keep your supplies unpacked to help you unwind. Make sure to take some much needed time off and enjoy yourself.
  4. Exercise, even if you’re too wiped out from packing. Nothing beats exercise when it comes to stress-busting techniques.
  5. Expect crabbiness – moving sucks. Just make sure you don’t take your bad moods out on others.
  6. Accept the help others offer. It’s not a sign of weakness.
  7. Make a list of all the fun you’ll have in your new place or locale. It will keep you motivated.
  8. Keep all important documents in a special place, and keep track of where that place is.
  9. If moving far from your previous home, leave time for saying goodbyes. Again, start early.
  10. Know you’re doing the best you can, and are not alone. Be kind to yourself remembering this too will pass.

Finally, enjoy the moment, even though it may not seem possible. The move is an opportunity for change. Savor the experience. Home is where the heart is, even if you can’t remember what box you packed it in.

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