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Top reasons to buy into our franchise

/Top reasons to buy into our franchise

Top reasons to buy into our franchise

Top reasons to buy into our franchise

Have you been considering owning your own business? Why not Relocators? Here are some of the top reasons you should invest:

Relocators a turnkey business
Many entrepreneurs have the skills to succeed, but don’t have the expertise to get a business up and running. We’ve done all the hard work for you. We offer a well-designed system, can help you choose a territory, find a location, negotiate a lease, and so much more.

Our proven system has proven results
When you buy a Relocators’ franchise, you buy a manageable investment model. We allow you to start small and build upon your equipment as you grow. In the early stages we work with you to keep overhead as low as possible. As your customer base grows, we lay out the steps for the company to grow with.

Recognizable name
When you buy into Relocators, our corporate image and brand awareness is already recognizable. Customers are more comfortable working with a company that is familiar. A franchisor’s brand equals the companies’ reputation.

You will succeed
Becoming part of our franchise family is not the same as starting a mom-and-pop business. There’s already an established system in place, and a higher likelihood of success.

It’s easier to obtain financing
Lenders are comfortable financing the purchase of a franchise, because franchises already have a proven track record of success, and there’s a lower risk of repayment default.

Hands-on training
Relocators will give you the all tools you need to succeed, and support your endeavor. You are not alone. We offer coaching and consulting. We are only a phone call away.

Exclusive territory multiple locations
When you buy into Relocators you will buy an exclusive territory that is all yours. You are entitled to that area and no other Relocators’ franchise can open within that area. And, if you decide to become a multi-unit franchise owner, we will support you all the way.

If we’ve peaked your interest, give us a call.

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